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out of africa 2006


back in winter africa, i would have had 10 hours of sleep a day (in bed by 7pm because of early sunset). but i have not had any shuteye the last 48 hours, madness! i could feel the stress of city life slowly creeping back into the system - not good at all. i had so much fun there, picking up enough tswana language - one of the 12 official black languages - to amuse the locals back there. they were so thrilled to hear an asian girl asking them "dumela, mattambuka kuranga, awarata macarena?" (hello, how do you do my brother, do you like to dance macarena?), the intimidating scowls they wore on their faces immediately creased into warm smiles.

i know that this is my third entry today, haha! but since i am suffering from withdrawal symptoms, i shall release some photos. there are more to come of course. let's start with lesotho (pronounced le-sut-tu). this was a day trip into the northern highlands of the country to look at San paintings by the earliest San people (who speak the click language) and also meet locals. it's fairly untouristy (majority of tourists would have entered through the south and flocked around the capital).

the pictures might not say much but i was filled with awe the whole time. i was so engrossed looking out of the window, wow-ing away at nature's beauty, simplicity of life, and vast expanse of land, and taking photos that the guide (g.a.r.e.t.h, that guy in the bandanna and shades) who was driving beside me almost lost control of the 4WD as he was trying to take a peek at my LCD camera screen, too. basotho people could walk (unhurriedly of course) for several hours just to deliver a bag of rice from point A to point B. in singlish term, it's a <em>relak-jack</em> culture, which i kinda miss actually.

for my africa pictures, click here

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